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Easy and Affordable Updates for Your Home – Part 1

Do you love watching HGTV’s home renovation shows? Do you love all the huge transformations? The ones where they rip everything out and start from scratch? Since you are here, I’m guessing you do. Now, do you ever watch them and feel pumped up and ready to take a sledge hammer to your walls? Then reality hits and you realize if you rip it apart, you have to put it back together and you know that is a bad idea so instead you stay on the couch hating your house… and then you repeat that everyday for the rest of your life? Ya, I get it! I have been there too! But I am here to tell you, it does not have to be like that forever! I have a solution! Easy and affordable updates you can do to your home! And the good news… this is just part 1!

Ok, lets get to it! Here are the first 3 ideas of easy and affordable ways you can update your home.

Affordable Update Idea #1 – Paint your fixtures

I love this one because it is not something most people would think of doing, but you can update old or dated fixtures for less than $20. There are a couple important things to remember when painting your fixtures… 1. Use automotive primer and 2. You must sand it before you start. HERE is a post with the step by step tutorial on how to successfully paint your fixtures!

Idea #2 – Tile ABOVE the Shower Insert

affordable update #2

Do you have a standard shower insert? I think we often forget that just because we are not putting in a completely custom tile shower surround, we cannot do anything to customize the shower. That is not true! What about the space ABOVE the shower insert? You can customize that all you want! Paint it, stencil it, or my favorite… TILE IT! Check out how I did this HERE!

Tile CAN be expensive. It CAN be hard. And it CAN be overwhelming! But there are also shortcuts and tricks to making it less expensive and less scary.

You can use Musslebound instead of mortar. Sure it is a little more expensive, but is WAY easier. You can shop the tile sales. Find one that is inexpensive. But even if you don’t get a discounted tile, you can get good tile for $5-$6 per square foot. The space above the shower is only 20 ish square feet (depending on your shower). So at $5/square foot you are at $100 for tile. Not as much as the hundreds if not thousands of dollars that you may have been thinking it would cost.

Idea #3 – Peel and Stick Tile

affordable updates

Your home should absolutely be a place you love NOW, Not a place you deal with until you can afford to make it perfect. All these changes are perfect examples of making the space something you love until you can save enough to rip into the walls or make that huge change you are dreaming of… Or maybe these simple updates are all you need to do to make the space feel perfect! Adding peel and stick tile is the perfect example of this. It can be a bandaid fix until you can save to buy a whole wall worth of tile, but it also looks so incredible that it may be just the thing your space was missing.

Check out how to install peel and stick tile HERE. At $1.50-$3 per square foot, peel and stick tile is an incredibly cost effective way to give your space a glow up! The original tile I used is no longer available, but here is a good alternative. Or click HERE to browse other peel and stick tile options at Lowe’s.

Thats it! Easy and affordable updates that you can do to your home to truly make it a space you love! Stay tuned for part 2!

There are so many more fun, creative, simple and affordable updates for your home coming your way! Which of these 3 ideas is your favorite? I would love to hear your ideas of ways to quickly update your space.

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  1. I’m a professional designer. I design multi million dollar homes in Florida. I only say this so you will feel the weight of what I’m about to say- You Are Brilliant. This is SOOO well Done!! The end result is fantastic. I’m extraordinarily proud of you! Well Done, Darling. Well Done.

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