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End of Year Teacher Gift Ideas

How is it that time of year again already? You know, when school is about to end and you’re realizing that in just a couple of weeks your kids will be home with you ALL THE TIME. And then your heart is so full of appreciation for your child’s teacher. These teachers deserve a medal …

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DIY Master Bathroom Tile

I love adding tile to bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms, etc… I knew when I started the makeover on my master bathroom that I was going to tile. I’m so still so shocked and impressed that I was able to complete this project with a newborn! Kids definitely slow you down but you can still complete …

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How to repurpose a picture frame

Usually when I end up DIY-ing a project, it’s usually because I can’t find what I was looking for or what I was looking for was way too expensive. I went to the store looking for a frame to hang in my pantry. I could not find a frame like I was envisioning. So I …

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