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Fixture Facelift: How to Use Spray Paint for Stunning Results

Fixture Facelift before and after

This was quite possibly the most controversial project I have ever done. This Project, was also very controversial. On that note, did you know you can do a bathroom fixture facelift with spray paint?

I had chrome bathroom fixtures but I wanted them to be matte black. The price to upgrade, did not seem worth it when you can buy a few dollars’ worth of spray paint and get the same thing. I figured I would give this a shot and if it did not work I could invest in a new faucet, but if it worked, I would get the fixtures I wanted for way less!! And to my surprise, it worked and they have lasted!

The 2 keys to making your fixture facelift last… scuffing them up and using AUTOMOTIVE primer.

Fixture Facelift Step 1: Scuff em up!

First, I scuffed them up with 80 grit sandpaper.

Step 2: Tape and bag it!

Then I taped around it. After it was taped, I added a bag to contain the paint. The trash bag contains the smell and overspray, so you do not have to tape off the entire room.

Step 3: The KEY!!

I then sprayed the fixture with Automotive Primer. Make sure to tape the bag up so it does not touch the fixture while the primer dries. Once that was dried, I sprayed it with black spray paint.

Step 4: Clean it up, reveal your fixture facelift!

While the black spray paint was still wet, take off the bag and tape. Any paint that bled through can easily be scrubbed off.

Let it dry thoroughly, and you have gorgeous black matte fixtures!

I have original matte black fixtures and ones that I painted black, and they have both held up the same over time.

Check out this video of the whole process.

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