Easy DIY Plant Wall

When I decided to makeover my entry way, I knew that I needed a little something on the wall by my front door. I love the way plants brighten up a room and decided to create this easy DIY plant wall. This is an easy project that you can complete in an afternoon! Follow these steps to create your own.


Step 1- Cut all your boards to the length you want

You can choose whatever length looks good in your space. I cut a total of 6 boards to length and then 3 boards that were the width of the 6 boards so that they could hold all of the boards together.

Step 2- Stain

The next step is to stain all of the boards that you cut. I like to use water based stain. It’s easier to clean up and doesn’t smell as bad. My favorite color is Early American. I just used a foam craft brush to apply and then used a clean rag to wipe the excess stain off. Make sure you have a cute little helper like I did 🙂

Step 3- Attach the boards together

I laid my three small pieces on the ground towards the top, middle, and bottom of where I wanted the plant wall to be. I nailed one board into place, then used one of the other boards to act as a spacer while I nailed the next one on. I continued the process until all boards were nailed on.

Step 4- Apply sealer

After the boards are all put together, you can apply the sealer. I love to use this polyacrylic sealer. You simply just brush it on and let it dry. So easy!

Step 5- Attach the ceramic planters

When the sealer has dried, you can attach the ceramic planters. These are so easy to install. You just need to screw it on! Make sure not to tighten the screw too tight though or you could end up cracking the planter.

Step 6- Put in your plants

You can obviously use real plants but for this spot where it doesn’t receive a lot of light, I decided to use fake plants. They look so real though! I just got some foam and stuck my fake succulents in it. I really love the way it looks!

That’s it! So simple but it brightens up that space and adds some greenery in my house. I love how easy this project is. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial for an easy plant wall. Follow me for more home DIY projects @spetrichhome

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