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Love is in the Air: Whimsical Valentines Centerpiece

Are you ready for the cutest Valentines centerpiece ever that is incredibly simple to make!? When my daughter realized what I was doing she gasped and said… “You are putting them on the branches!? SO CUTE!!” This is easily a nap time project. Ok, let’s jump right in!

Grab yourself a vase, heart hole punch, some pink, red and white card stock, a glue gun (you could probably use Elmer’s glue) and a hand full of branches from a tree.

Valentines Centerpiece

I used the existing vase I had on my table. But HERE is a similar one that is only $10 at Walmart! Start by arranging the branches in your vase to look full and uniform. Use the heart hole punch and punch out a bunch of hearts in all the Valentine’s colors. Glue the hearts all over the branches and you have a fun, darling Valentine’s center piece.

Valentine's Centerpiece

Isn’t it SO CUTE!?

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