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A Powerful Entryway Makeover Guide: Conquer Your Space

This entryway makeover project started with me just painting my 18’ two-story entry way, then quickly escalated to me buying scaffolding and trimming out the entire space. My husband was not surprised, so that was good. This Board and Batten Grid Wall project can be as simple or as difficult as you and your space wants it to be. The size of my entry way made it slightly more difficult, but also in my opinion, way more fun!

Step 1 to an Entryway Makeover is a fresh coat of paint

This is not necessary, but can save you time later. I painted the walls all a fresh coat of paint the color I was going with. Here are few tips and tricks to painting 18 foot walls. I used scaffolding for the top portion, but you do not have to.

  • Take off the outlet covers. It makes it so much easier, I promise!
  • Use an 18 inch paint roller. It covers more space, so you finish faster!
  • Get a paint brush extension pole.
  • To get the corners, I just taped a paint brush to the end of the extension pole.
  • Get a ladder to help you reach the top portion. I recommend having someone there to support you.
  • Finally if you do not want to do it with a ladder, did you know you can RENT scaffolding?

Step 2: Install top trim

I wanted the trim piece around the top of the wall, next to the ceiling a larger size, than the rest of them, so I installed those pieces first.

You can install them with beveled cut, or cross cut. When beveled the seams are easier to hide and fit together much cleaner. Mine were 18 feet high, and you would never be able to tell which way I did them, so I could have done it either way. If it was lower or in a more noticeable spot, I would bevel it.

Step 3: Install vertical pieces

It is now time to install the vertical pieces. Decide what dimensions you would like the squares to be and install the vertical pieces. On accent walls, I usually do not glue things on so that it is easier if I want to change it later. I prefer just using nails and a nail gun.

Tip: Here is a good way to ensure the vertical pieces are the same distance apart. Cut a piece of trim that is the length of the distance between vertical boards and slide it between the installed piece and the next piece nailing the vertical piece as you go. This will ensure that they are in line with each other.

Step 4: Then horizontal pieces

Once all vertical pieces are installed, I moved onto the horizontal pieces. Be sure to measure and cut each piece prior to nailing it in place.

Step 5: Wood fill and caulk

Caulk and wood fill. I always say this and I will say it again. This is the part you don’t want to skip. It’s the difference between a nice job to an exceptional job. Depending on the size of your job, this might take a while, and it might be quick!

Step 6: Paint to complete your entryway makeover!

The last step here is painting. If you already painted your wall before you started, you just need to touch up the wall and paint the boards. If you want to make it even easier on yourself, pre paint the boards before hanging them. Then all you have to do once they are on the wall is touch up! Otherwise, just make sure everything is painted and you are done!

That’s it! What do you think? Do you love it? As part of my entry way project, I also redid my banister. Check out that project here.

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