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Powder Bathroom Revamp: Stylish Makeover Ideas

phases of the half bath

The best part of DIY is that if you do something and do not love it, you can change it yourself! You do not have to worry about all the money waisted paying someone to change it for you. This half bath, much like the art closet, has been through several make overs, and each time, it gets better and better! So come along as we go on the journey of the powder bathroom revamp!

Builder Grade Powder Bathroom

builder bathroom

This journey starts with the builder grade bathroom. The basic, boring, sterile bathroom. Nothing but white walls and baseboards, white pedestal sink, builder grade mirror and light fixture. Very blah… Obviously that was not what I envisioned, and I knew just want I needed to do!

Board and Batten

Initial half Bath update
Initial half Bath update

The first update I completed in this powder bathroom was to frame out the window, add board and batten, paint and obviously some decorations. This was all completed before my days of sharing my DIY projects, so I don’t have many videos and pictures of it. But, I loved it! I have done different variations of board and batten in other areas of my home, check out the grid wall in my entry way HERE or the double board and batten I did in my hallway HERE.

Faux Tile Wall in Powder Bathroom

Powder Bathroom Faux tile
Powder Bathroom green

This update happened because my kids broke the pedestal sink, so I had to replace it… and you know me, I can’t just change the sink… I have to change all the things. So that’s what I did! I started by changing the color of the board and batten to this gorgeous green. It is called Dard Hunter Green by Sherwin Williams.

I then did a faux tile wall. After a lot of trial and error, I concluded that the easiest way do it was to make a pattern with cardboard and trace it with a pencil. I then went back over everything it with a paint pen. I recommend starting with a pencil, so if you need to change it you can do so easily. However, once I finished hours and hours of measuring, cutting, taping, drawing, and erasing, I found this same pattern as a stencil. So if you like this pattern, do yourself a favor and just use the stencil. I am sure it is way easier. haha

For fun, check out this video to see the process of figuring out how to do it. It took so so long!

After that I replaced the pedestal sink with this sink/cabinet combo, installed a new light fixture and a new mirror.

And it was perfect, until I was ready another change. Enter, the final and most recent update!


Powder Bathroom Wallpaper 1
Powder Bathroom Wallpaper 2

This update was simple but impactful. And by simple I mean all I did was install wall paper over the faux tile and did a few small decoration updates. The wallpaper I chose is called “Patterned Fonds Wallpaper” by Love vs Design. Get 15% off your order using promo code LVE15F

Ok, I lied, installing wallpaper is not simple. At least the first few times you do it. I have a full post with tips about installing peel and stick wallpaper. Check it out HERE.

I got this highland cow artwork. I cannot find the exact one that I used, but Amazon has a bunch of options. Here is another one I really like. You can do my Canvas art frame hack, and it will look amazing! I added a few decorations to one of the existing floating shelves and it was complete.

Which of the 3 updates is your favorite? Have you ever created faux tile or installed wallpaper?

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