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Peel, Stick, WOW! Crafting the Perfect Peel and Stick Accent Wall

I have this space in my room between my bedroom and the on suite. The builder called it a vestibule. I think its a waisted space that was confused of its purpose and begging for attention. So today we are giving that space a little character. This was by far the easiest project yet. Anyone can do it, and it truly levels up the space! You only need one tool, a razor blade. I used three tools, but you do not have to. Are you ready to see how simple this peel and stick accent wall is!?

Selecting the perfect tile for your peel and stick accent wall.

peel and stick accent wall

I found these peel and stick vinyl tiles that are made to go on walls. I used the ones that looked like wood. My kids were even confused why I put the floor on the wall. After explaining to them that this was made to go on the wall, they told me it looked very beautiful and I had to agree. The company I purchased the tiles from have so many different styles, shapes and textures to choose from. It does not matter if you are designing a baby nursery or a formal dining room, there are so many options to choose from and you are bound to find something that you love.

The best part about these tiles, is that I have a discount code for you!! Click THIS LINK, or use code SPETRICHHOME10 at checkout for 10% off your order!

So easy to cut and install

Because the tiles are vinyl, all you need to cut them is a box cutter and a straight edge. The second tool I used was THIS carpenters square, but you can use anything. A book, ruler, frame, cutting board, anything that has a 90 degree corner and is long enough to extend the width of the tile.

Place the straight edge where ever you need to cut, use the box cutter and cut the top of the tile along the straight edge. You will probably not be able to go all the way through with just one pass, so just flip it over and cut the underside in the same spot. Fold it in the spot you cut and snap it.

Simply peel off the back and adhere it to the wall. I recommend starting where ever is most visible. I started at the bottom of the wall and worked my way up. When placing the tiles, be mindful of the pattern you need/want to make and apply the tiles appropriately.

Finishing touches to your perfect peel and stick accent wall

To finish off applying this tile, I added little trim pieces to the corners where the vinyl tiles met the side walls. This gave the wall a clean finish by covering the ends that were not cut perfectly. The third tool I used was my nail gun to attach the corner trim pieces. But if you do not have a nail gun, you can glue it, or use regular finish nails and a hammer.

Of course I could not stop there, I had to replace the builder grade lights. I tested out other light fixtures to find the perfect light for this space, and finally landed on THIS one. Remember, any time you replace a light fixture to ALWAYS turn off the power first.

Peel and Stick Accent Wall - lights

And to finish off my peel and stick accent wall I hung a frame with some photos in it. You could always add a DIY framed canvas art here too!

That’s it! Simple one to two day project depending on the size of your space. Is this something you would try? I would love to know.

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