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Transform Your Space: 2 Easy DIY Projects in a Day

Easy DIY

Here are two quick and easy DIY projects that you can complete in one day. They are inexpensive, and can take the ordinary to extraordinary! I did these projects in my primary bathroom, and I love how they added the perfect touch to the wall above my tub. If you missed that project, check out the tile job I did here! I love it so much! Ok, lets jump in!

DIY Project #1 – Framed Canvas Art

The first one day project is this framed canvas art. I swear everyone has canvas art in their homes. Do you? I do! I love my canvas art, but it was ready to level it up. So I give to you the easiest way to give your canvas a glow up.

Take some 1×2, miter the ends to 45 degree angles. Give it a quick sand to smooth everything down.

I stained my frame, but you can also paint it. If you stain it, make sure you use wood conditioner first. Wood conditioner gives the stain a nice smooth surface to be applied to resulting in even coverage. Once it is all dry, seal it with polyurethane. Sealing it is specially important if you will be putting it somewhere with moisture in the air, like a bathroom or kitchen.

Finally, you will nail the 1×2’s (aka your frame), directly into the sides of the canvas and its DONE. This is a simple afternoon project, maybe even a nap time project! Regardless, it is for sure a one day project.

Easy DIY Project #2 – Towel Rack

This towel rack is technically supposed to be installed vertically, and your put the towels in horizontally. But I wanted to change it up and do it in a unique way, because why not? I hung the towel rack horizontally, and built a shelf to go under the rack, then put the towels in up and down. Check this out…

Because we are only going to store towels in/on this shelf, it does not need to be super secure to the wall. However, having said that, when you hang things, whenever you can, I always suggest hanging into studs! If you cannot screw it into the stud, definitely use an anchor. Safety first! I used anchors to be safe!

Now, let’s talk about the shelf. I used a scrap piece of 1×4 I already had, stained it my favorite stain combo (that you can learn about here on Step 10), added some brackets, and installed it directly below the rack. Roll up a few towels and your quick one day project is complete!

What do you think about it???

Have you tried either of these projects? What did you think? What would you do differently? Let me know, and in the meantime…

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