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Snow Much Fun: 5 Outdoor Activities to Keep Kids Engaged in Winter

My kids love playing in the snow. But there is only so much you can do in the snow, before the kids get bored. You can only make so many snowmen and snow angels, and sled down the same hills so many times before you are over it. And here in Utah it is cold and winter for several months. So here are some ideas of unique and fun winter outdoor activities you can do in the snow that take little to no prep.

Winter Outdoor Activity #1 – Snow Painting

Winter Outdoor Activities

If you have these squirt bottles this is the best way to do this. You can also use these cheap little squirt guns. Or if all else fails, put it in a Dollar Tree spray bottle and change the tip to a straight spray. Put water and a few drops of food coloring. Then have the kids spray the snow with the colored water to make pictures in the snow.

Crafty Morning did this and has a great tutorial on how to make the paint. Check it out HERE.

2- Ice Balloons

This one does not require snow, just cold temps, and a little thinking in advance. Fill regular party balloons with water and place them outside overnight. Let them freeze. The next day, or whenever they are frozen, cut the balloon off and your kids have ice balls to play with. If you make a bunch they can make igloos or castles or other fun creations with them. You can make it extra fun and add food coloring to the water so the frozen balls are colorful.

3 – Snow Castles

This winter outdoor activity, will make you think you are sitting on sandy beaches, but you are actually in the freezing snow. Think sand castles but snow. If you have sand buckets laying around, you can use those. Otherwise you can get disposable plastic cups.

Have the kids pack them with snow and build castles. This is extra fun because it is something they can do 100% on their own. Plus if you get little sand shovels, they can use the shovels to pack the snow so their little hands do not get as cold as fast!

Winter Outdoor Activity #4 – Make a Mini Snowmen Village

We have all made snowmen, and typically the kids need you out there to help make it. But if they make mini snowman villages, you do not have to help. They can make families (mini mom, dad and baby snowmen), friend snowmen, monster snowman, or any other type of snowman their imagination can create! If you have a mister potato head, you can even let them use the face pieces to make the faces on the snowmen for an added layer of fun!

5 – Painted Ice Crystals by I Heart Arts N Crafts

Winter Outdoor Activities Ice Crystals

I cannot take the credit on this winter outdoor activity, but I cannot wait to try this with the kids. You can either use the icicles from the house, or make your own ice sheets with baking pans or silicone trays, and make sheets of ice. If it is cold enough, you can freeze it outside overnight. Once it is frozen, break it into pieces. Then you can use food coloring and water, or the water color concentrates that she recommends, and paint your ice. It will look like colored ice crystals. So fun and pretty! Check out how she did it HERE!

Good luck keeping those kiddos busy this winter! Let me know if there are any other fun SNOW or OUTSIDE activites your kiddos do in the cold winter months!

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