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18 Creative Teacher Gift Ideas That Go Beyond the Ordinary

I feel like the most frequently asked question this time of year is WHAT GIFT SHOULD I GET MY KIDS TEACHER!? Here is the thing, I think at the end of the day, teachers are just thankful for anything you can give them. If that is a handmade card from your child, or that is an extravagant gift. It’s the thought that counts. However, here are a few unique, personal and fun teacher gift ideas I had. For more ideas, click HERE!

Teacher Gift Idea #1-6 – Gift Cards

I think the safest gift you can give is a gift card. Then they can get what they want/need. Even a card for $5, is appreciated. I like to jazz the cars up with a cute little gift card holder. Here are a few options. There are options that are premade that you order and have sent to you, downloadable and you can print, or create them yourself. These are not my designs. Here are 6 different gift card designs.

Teacher Gift Idea #7-9 – Idea Jewelry

This idea is a little more on the higher end of the budget, but it is sure to wow your teacher. These 3 pieces of jewelry are delicate, and beautiful. They are personal and heartfelt.

Gift Idea #10-15 – Personalized Classroom Supplies

These items are unique, practical gifts that you can give a teacher. They can be purchased using the links, or you can use your DIY skills and recreate your own version of them.

Teacher Gift Ideas #16-18 – CANDY

The last few ideas that are inexpensive is CANDY! Teachers sometimes need a little sugar and this is a simple, inexpensive option that you can give that will let your teachers know you are thinking about them and thank them, but without spending a bunch!

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