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End of Year Teacher Gift Ideas

How is it that time of year again already? You know, when school is about to end and you’re realizing that in just a couple of weeks your kids will be home with you ALL THE TIME. And then your heart is so full of appreciation for your child’s teacher. These teachers deserve a medal for all that they do. They do so much for our children and rarely get the praise and appreciation that they deserve. So I think that it’s fitting to send them off into summer with our gratitude. I’ve put together 10 quick and easy gifts for your child’s teacher for the end of the year. Keep in mind that this is optional but those teachers will be so grateful to receive anything, even a thank you note!

1. Gift Cards

I won’t lie, this is usually my number 1 go to for teachers. You can find cute sayings to go with your gift cards or put it in a cute container. I think most teachers appreciate the chance to pick something out for themselves! My favorite gift cards are Target and Amazon. You can find a cute printable for Target ones here and Amazon ones here.

2. S’mores Kit

Does anything scream summer more than S’mores? This S’mores kit is inexpensive but definitely a fun treat for your child’s teacher. Pair it with this cute tag and you’re all set!

3. Soap

Soap is something everyone can use! Pick a really fun summer scent and attach a tag. I love the wording on this tag!

4. Beach Towel

Have you sensed a theme here? I think it’s so fun to get teachers things they can use during the summer. There are so many cute options for beach towels. You can even put it in a cute beach bag or add sunglasses to it. I loved this free printable to go with it!

5. Candle

There is nothing better than a house that smells good. This candle from Etsy is perfect for teachers! You won’t even need to attach a tag. Just gift them the candle with a thank you card!

6. Teacher Off Duty Shirt

I would totally wear this as an off duty teacher during the summer. Isn’t it fun how creative people are nowadays? This is another gift that wouldn’t need a tag, just a quick thank you note.

7. Movie night kit

One of our favorite things to do in the summer is have a family movie night. So what better gift for your child’s teacher than a movie night kit? You can get a Vudu/Redbox gift card, popcorn, and some treats. Add a cute printable and you’re ready to go!

8. Nail Polish

If you have a lot of teachers you need to give a gift to, this is a great option. It’s not a huge gift but it’ll definitely be appreciated. Teachers might actually have the time to paint their nails during summer break! You can gift this alone or pair it with some flipflops. Click here for a free printable.

9. Soda

Where I live, people LOVE their soda. I mean they really love it. This is a perfect gift for teachers. You can get a gift card from your local soda shop or if you know the teacher’s favorite soda you can give them that. All you need to do is attach this cute tag.

10. Burt’s Bees

I love me some Burt’s Bees. You can do chapstick, lotion, or a combination of Burt’s Bees Products. Just print off this tag and attach it to your gift!

I hope you found some good gift ideas for your child’s teacher. They definitely won’t be expecting anything but will be very grateful you took the time to think of them and thank them! I am so thankful for everything our teachers do for our children, from keeping them safe to teaching them all that they need to know. Follow me on Instagram for more home and life DIY projects @spetrichhome

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