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Mission Organization: Space-Themed Closet

I just finished my girls total bedroom makeover. If you missed it, click HERE to see the reveal AND links to each of the projects I did in there. I also have 2 boys who share a room, so naturally my next project is to completely transform their room. They are so excited to see what I come up with. First up, the closet! They both wanted a space-themed closet, so LET’S GET STARTED!!

Assemble Ikea Pax Units for Space-Themed Closet

By this point, I should not even need the instructions when I assemble these Ikea Pax units, because I have built so many, but at last… I still needed it. The instructions say it is a 2 person job to assemble, but I think that is more of a suggestion. haha! I built 3 of them and sat them aside so I could build the base.


To make anything look built in, there are a few things I suggest, #1, remove the baseboards and then reinstall them around the item. In order to do that, you will likely need to build a base, so you can raise it up to be tall enough for the baseboards to fit on. You will need to evaluate your situation to determine how tall of a base you need.

I used some 2×2’s to make my base. Essentially you make a frame, then add center support pieces in the middle. Once that is assembled, you will put it in place and secure it to the studs.

Put your units on the bases and then start securing everything in place to all the studs, the base and each other!

Trim it out

Now that we have the basic structure in place, its time to trim it out and make it look built in! In order to add trim to the top and sides you need to add some scrap wood to the walls and ceiling. This gives you something to nail into. I located the studs, and nailed the scrap wood into them in line with the edge of the units.

Then you can take your trim pieces and nail one end to the trim pieces and the other end to the unit. Do this on the top/ceiling, sides and the bottom with our baseboards.

Caulk and Fill

When I built my girls closet, I waited until everything was built to caulk and wood fill. It was hard to get it all so this time, I am going to do it in phases. This is where we do phase 1 of the caulking and filling. I caulked all the corners and where 2 pieces of wood meet at an angle.

I wood fill where 2 pieces of wood meet flush, plus all the holes. Ikea units come with a bunch of holes for you to determine where you want your shelves, but I don’t move them around once in place, so I just fill them all. It makes then look less Ikea and more custom.

Prime and Paint

When painting Ikea furniture you want to use a SHELLAC (oil) based primer. It will adhere to the slick, melamine type surface better, and will prevent from peeling. This primer smells bad, so I always use a mask, and open windows for ventilation.

Once the primer is dry, I painted it. I use Sherwin Williams paint. When painting black, you always need 2-3 coats. For this, I did 3 coats. I painted the sides, front and base boards in the entire closet. I am going to put wallpaper on the back of the units, so I did not paint there. I also primed and painted the shelves and drawers now, so they are already painted when its time to install them.

WALLPAPER the Space-Themed Closet

Time to install the wallpaper! I am so excited. The boys both agreed that THIS wallpaper needed to go in the closet. It is peel and stick. It takes some time to install, but is not too hard. I installed it on the walls, the bAacks of the Pax units, AND the ceiling! You can get a full tutorial on how to install peel and stick wallpaper HERE.

Once all the wallpaper was up, I noticed that even though the seams were all straight and lined up great, you could still see the seams because it is white on the sides/back. I tried a few different methods to hide the lines, and found that a black colored pencil worked the best. So I simply colored the lines with the pencil and they disappeared.

Moon Light

My husband and I had some back and forth about which light to install in this closet. He wanted THIS space light, and I wanted THIS moon light. Naturally, I won. But look at this! Doesn’t it look so perfect in the space closet? Click HERE to check out how you should replace a light fixture. It is so much easier than it looks. I promise.

Drawers and Shelves

We already painted the drawers and shelves, but now its time to assemble and install them. I just followed the instructions on assembling them. Its also important that you follow the instructions carefully when you are installing the drawer slides and shelves. I installed mine a little too close together and I had to redo them.

There was some wallpaper left over too, so I used it on the bottom of the drawers and they turned out so cute!

Once everything was installed, I trimmed the fronts of the shelves with 1×2, and put some drawer fronts on the drawers. All these extra steps make the Pax units look more custom and less Ikea. Now, it was time to caulk, wood fill, and paint the everything I just installed.

Accessorize and Decorate!

And now, the fun part of the project! All the fun finishing touches that pull the whole thing together. I found all sorts of fun little things to add, lights to highlight their pictures, this cool display case, some hat hooks, hardware on the drawers, and cleaned it all up!

Are you ready for the final reveal? I am so excited to show you! Let’s go!

Space-Themed Closet REVEAL!

ALL the links for everything I used for the Space-Themed Closet

I hope you love the closet as much as my boys do! And now it is time to start on the rest of the room! What do you think we are doing there? Follow along on Instagram so you can keep up to date on what we are doing!

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