DIY Gingerbread Front Porch

After I painted my door purple, I knew I needed some cute Christmas decorations that would look good with it. So I made the cutest Gingerbread Front Porch. It looks so good and brings back all the nostalgia of decorating gingerbread houses!

Here are the supplies needed to make one of your own!

For the gingerbread men and house:

For the Lollipops

Gingerbread Men & House

To start, first cut out your gingerbread men and the house. You can use whatever pattern you would like. I made a gingerbread pattern out of paper using a bowl, plate, cup, and some straight edges. I then taped the paper onto the insulation foam sheets and cut out my men. Learn from my mistakes and just use a jigsaw. I tried to cut it out originally using just a knife but it took forever. It was much faster to use my jigsaw.

Next, you’ll take your Gingerbread men and houses and spray paint them brown. This was so exciting because they finally start to look like real gingerbread after this step. Once the paint is dry, you can use a caulking gun to caulk on their faces and designs. I outlined each item and then added little details to make it look just like a gingerbread man and house! It looks just like real frosting!! You can also cut out a felt bow tie or add some colored beads to make it look more colorful and cute.

To secure these in the yard, I used the little hooks (they just screw in), some string, and the landscape pins to just stick it in the ground.


I just took the styrofoam discs and used the spray adhesive to put tissue paper on it. After that, I took the PVC pipe and stuck it into the styrofoam discs. It looked okay with just the tissue paper but I didn’t love it. So I decided to cover it with cellophane. I love how it looked after the cellophane was added!

After you have your gingerbread house, men, and lollipops, you can display them in your yard for everyone to see. I love how everything turned out. It made my house look so magical! Follow me on instagram @spetrichhome for more Christmas decor!

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