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Illuminate Your Space: Creating a Stunning Light-Up Accent Wall

In my home I get the say in probably 99% of the spaces. My husband does not really care what I do, so I make most of the design choices in our home. However, when I did his office he requested to be able to choose the color. Of course, I agreed. I was shocked when he chose Tricorn Black by Sherwin Williams for all the walls. But he loved it, and that is all that matters! I will give you a step by step tutorial, as well as a few tips on how to do this same light-up accent wall in your space.

Light-Up Accent Wall Supplies:

Step 1: Paint the walls

Because I was painting the walls a dark color, and I have a paint gun, I decided to spray my walls, instead of roll them. When painting a dark color, I like to spray so you do not see the roller lines. If you do not have a paint sprayer, you can roll it, just be aware that you may see lines if you paint a dark color.

If you spray, you obviously need to cover everything you don’t want paint on. Start with taping the edges as you would if you were rolling them. Then go back over it and tape on the paper or plastic that you are covering it with. This provides extra protection from the paint leaking under the tape. Don’t forget to cover yourself too! Paint suit, hair net, and goggles. Once everything is taped and covered, go at it with paint.

Step 2: Trim pieces

Before you hang your trim, you will want to paint it. I promise, it makes your life so much easier. I used my paint sprayer to paint the trim as well. I have a little hack for you! Put a few push pins in the back side of the trim. This will prop it up a bit so that you can paint the top and side at the same time, and prevent any weird settling of the paint.

After they are painted, you will be able to install them. When I did it, I installed all the trim, filled the nail holes and everything, and then decided to add lights to them a different way, and had to redo my work… So here is what I suggest you do, not what I did.

Hang your trim where you want it, only put one or two nails in it to hold it in place, it will not be secure yet. Once all the boards are on, you will decide where you want the lights. I did not want them on every board. Once I knew where I want them, I would remove the ones the lights are going on. Get thin trim and sandwich it between the wall and the main trim piece. You will attach the lights to the side of the little trim piece so you cannot see the strip, but you still see the light. Re install the main trim piece but with extra nails to secure them to the wall.

Step 3: Finish Work for your Light-up Accent Wall

I did not caulk this project, and you probably do not have to. But if you want to, go for it! But, be sure to fill all the nail holes with wood filler.

I weaved my lights from one trim piece to the other and did not want you to see it on the ceiling and by the baseboards, so I covered it. I used electrical tape, then painted it the color of the wall so it blended in. You can still see the light through, just not as bright, I think it looked perfect!

Light-up Accent Wall

My husband thought it was great! He was very excited for it and could not wait to move in to his new office! What do you think of doing a light up accent wall? What space would you do this?

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