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Web of Wonder: Crafting an Enormous DIY Yard Spider

Yard Spider Reveal

I was on a family walk and saw a giant yard spider decoration! My kids and I decided we needed one for our yard! I looked online to see if I could find one, but didn’t have any luck, so I decided I would just make one! It couldn’t be that hard, right? After solving the issues with the gap filler, it went smooth. I love how it turned out! Follow along and you can make your own Halloween Spider too! The best thing about this project is you can get as creative with it as you want. This is just how I did it!

Yard Spider Supplies:

Yard Spider Step 1: Lay out your base shape.

Begin by arranging the foam blocks to create your base shape. I joined the foam pieces for the head and body using toothpicks. It’s not necessary for the connection to be strong, since we’ll reinforce it with spray foam, ensuring everything stays securely in place.

Step 2: Cover with Spray Foam

I then used the spray foam gap filler to cover the entire thing. Once it was completely covered, I still did not like the way it looked so I added more craft foam to the body and did another layer of spray foam.

Step 3: Shape it.

Once it was completely dry, I used a hand saw to shape it to look more like a spider. I had to touch up a few spots with the foam again, but once this part was done, the shape was perfect!

Step 4: Paint

I painted the entire thing black, and this is when it really started to take shape!

Step 5: Steel Wool

I had some steel wool laying around and decided to cover the entire thing to give it that hairy look. It was exactly what the spider needed! Even my husband thought it looked creepy! Once the steel wool was on, I painted it again.

Step 6: LEGS!

Time to make the legs. I used black 2-inch PVC, and cut 6 shorter pieces and 6 longer pieces. Then, put the elbow pieces on one small and one large piece of PVC to create the legs. I cut holes in the body for the PVC pipe to go in. The legs were wobbling all over, so I foamed in a piece of piping with an attachment to the body. This would allow me to slip the legs in and out so I can take it apart easily to store.

Last Step to the Yard Spider – Step 7: Add the eyes, and web.

I used glass watering bulbs as the eyes. I just stuck them in the head and voila it now looks like a spider! To be a little extra, I added spider webs to the legs, and it looks so good! The neighborhood kids love our spider just as much as we do!

Yard Spider Final

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