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Step-by-Step: Building Your Own Melting Snowman

Do you remember the Mr. Skelly drinking toxic waste project I did at Halloween? Well, I was ready to make something fun for Christmas with the same spray foam, and decided to recreate a Melting Snowman I had seen. The best part of this yard decoration is that I can keep it out all winter, because it is not just a Christmas decoration! PLUS the neighborhood kids are already loving it! I hope this step by step guide is helpful so you can create your own Frosty!

Melting Snowman Step 1

Take the laundry basket and place it upside down. Place the string lights around and on the laundry basket. Honestly, the lights part is optional, but I think it gives it that extra flare that I love! Because what melting snowman, doesn’t shine at night?

Step 2 – Spray Foam

Time to start using the spray foam. For this step you want to cover the lights and basket with that foam. Make the part on the ground, the “melted part” whatever size you want. Cover the entire basket and the ground/lights. You may need to do a couple layers of foam to make sure it is nice and covered.

Step 3 – Head

Take the 2 foam half rounds and glue them together. This will be the head of your melting snowman. Use the spray foam to attach the head to the “body” aka basket. Then cover the head with spray foam. Again, you may need to do a couple layers. Just spray until you feel like it is perfect!

Step 4 – Paint and snow

I felt like the foam was a little too yellow, so I painted it white. Once it was painted, I used spray adhesive to attach artificial snow to the snowman. This made it look a little more like snow. I then sealed it with Frosted Glass spray paint.

Step 5 – Add the finishing touches to your melting snowman

I got this kit off Amazon to make Frosty’s face. It comes with sticks that you can just push everything into place. For the arms, I got branches off the trees in my yard. If you do not have trees in your yard, you can take a quick day trip up a canyon and snag some, or you can use the ones that come with the snowman kit.

And there you have it! Your very own melting snowman! Oh my goodness, I love him so much!! However, once I got him outside, I realized it needed something else…


For the second snow man, I made him like a normal snowman, not melting. I used a large beachball for the bottom, a smaller beachball for the middle and the same foam half rounds for the head. Covered it in spray foam, painted it, added artificial snow and then sealed it with the Frosted Glass. Then, added accessories, and one other fun touch… do you see it?

My kids, and all the neighbor kids love out snowmen. It has been so fun to have. If you make one, you will have to let me know how it turns out!

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