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Quick & Creative Halloween Porch Ideas

Halloween is coming and that means I get to decorate my porch again! Nothing beats a holiday-decorated porch, and a Halloween porch is one of my personal favorites!

Here is what I did…

DIY Hanging Witch Hats

I got these hatsfishing line and these battery-operated candles.  To create the illusion of floating hats, first, tie the fishing line around the top of the candle. Then, use a needle to thread the other end of the fishing line through the top of the hat. 

While you certainly can do it without the candles, I recommend using something to add weight to them; otherwise, the wind will blow them around.

Next, I then secured the hats to the soffit of my porch with these Command hooks. Repeat as many times as you want to fill your space with magic flying witch hats.

Here is the list of everything I used to decorate the porch.
Pillow – These are similar to mine, but still so cute!
Jack o lantern – similar to mine
Rug – Similar to mine
Stripped Rug

The finished look! I love how it turned out. My favorite part is how excited all the neighborhood kids get as they walk by and see all the fun holiday decorations.

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