How to repurpose a picture frame

Usually when I end up DIY-ing a project, it’s usually because I can’t find what I was looking for or what I was looking for was way too expensive. I went to the store looking for a frame to hang in my pantry. I could not find a frame like I was envisioning. So I decided to repurpose an old frame that I already had. It’s a great way to update old outdated frames. You could definitely also use this tutorial to make a frame and just find some backing or a mat to go with it. I used oak for my wood pieces but you can use any kind of wood to make this. Follow the steps below to make your own!


Step 1- cut, stain, and glue

I cut four pieces of 1/4 x 2″ oak wood to the length I needed with a mitered edge. Then I stained the pieces before I assembled it. I used my favorite staining combination, which is approximately 20% white wash, 40% early american, and 40% weathered gray. After staining, I assembled the pieces straight onto my frame. I used wood glue, clamps, and weights to secure the wood while the glue dried.

Step 2- cut, stain, and nail.

I cut four pieces of 1/2 x 2″ oak wood to the length I needed and stained them using the same combination in step one. After staining, I used wood glue and my brad nailer to nail these into the sides of the frame.

Step 3- Hang it up and enjoy your new frame!

This is definitely one of my favorite parts about the accent wall in my pantry. I love how it totally changed the look of the frame. It’s a really easy and quick project that you can definitely complete in an afternoon. Follow me for more home DIY projects @spetrichhome

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