How to Update Your Shower Surround

I would love to take out the shower surround in my kids’ bathroom and just tile the whole area. But that’s a project for another day. This project is an easier and cheaper way to update the builder grade shower surround. Follow the steps below for an easy and budget friendly way to update your bathroom!


Step 1- Put up Musselbound

The first step is to put up Musselbound. It’s an adhesive tiling mat that sticks to the wall. You peel off the back, stick it to the wall, and then when you’re ready to tile, you pull off the front protective sheet. I love using it when I can in my tiling projects because it’s so much cleaner and easier to use than mortar.

Step 2- Tile

I chose a hexagon tile pattern for this surround. It came in sheets so I simply put a sheet up at a time. Luckily my surround was level so I didn’t need to worry about lining it up level. To cut the smaller pieces that I needed, I just used a tile cutter. It’s so easy to use. You simply slide the cutter across the tile where you want it cut. It scores the tile. Then you just press down and snap it. The video below shows how to use it.

In case you’re ever wondering if I ever make mistakes in my projects, let me fill you in. When I bought these tiles, I found some on clearance and I didn’t double check that they were the same color. They are literally the same exact tile just a shade different. Of course I didn’t notice this until I put them up. So I had to take them off and redo it. It’s not very fun to take them off but it can be done. Don’t be like me, double check that all your tiles match!

Step 3- Grout

Once I had all of my tile pieces up, it was time to grout. I know, I know, you probably would have liked a darker grout than I chose. So many people, myself included, loved the idea of a black grout. That was my initial choice as well. But after tiling, I realized that I had some imperfections with my tile and that the darker grout would likely show that more than a lighter color grout. I ended up going with the lighter color and I honestly really like it too.

I like to buy the premixed grout. It’s so much easier. To grout, you put some grout on the float and then press it in between the gaps in the tile to cover it. I like to do small sections at a time and clean it off as I go. The grout gets hard pretty quick and then it’s a lot harder to clean off. To clean it off, simply use a sponge and wipe dry.

Step 4- Showerhead

I decided with the new look in this bathroom that I wanted the showerhead to be a different color. So I used some paint for the pipe that comes from the wall and then bought a new showerhead. I also spray painted the shower handle. I love the new look! I know there might be some questions as to whether the spray paint has held up to the water. Yes, it has! I think the secret to this is that I used automotive primer on it. I started off by using painter’s tape to prep the area and also used plastic sheets to avoid overspray. Then I used automotive primer and lacquer spray paint. Guys, it honestly works so well. I’m happy to say that everything still looks the same as the day I painted it.

Showerheads aren’t that hard to install. You will want to use some plumber’s tape and make sure you get it nice and tightly screwed onto the pipe. You will definitely need a wrench to loosen the old one and tighten the new one.

Step 5- Shower curtain

The next step is the best step, time for finishing touches! I bought a new shower curtain and it just completes the look in this bathroom. When you get all the finishing touches down, sit back and enjoy the view!

It’s amazing what some tile and a little bit of styling can do to a room. I’m loving the transformation of this bathroom! Follow me for more home DIY projects @spetrichhome

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  1. Thanks for all great info.. I have one of those 80’s goldenrod color shorts and toilet.. it’s been on my mind how to bring it in to this century for awhile.. You’ve given me confidence

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