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Simple Arch Display Wall

Are you looking for a simple way to add some character to your room? This easy arch display wall is perfect. It’s a great starter project. It doesn’t require a lot of tools or materials and makes a big difference. I made this arch wall in my boys’ bedroom and I love it! Follow these steps to make your own!


Step 1: Find your studs and outline the arch

I started by finding out where my studs are. I wanted to make sure there were studs inside my arch for the shelves. So once I knew where the studs were, I could decide where I wanted the arch to go. I took a thumbtack and attached a string onto the end. I put the thumbtack in the middle of where I want the arch to be. I took the other end and attached my pencil to it. Then using the string, I outlined the top part of the arch. I made straight lines down the sides using my level.

Step 2: Paint the arch

I cut in with an angled brush and then painted all the rest. I did two coats and it used all of my sample paint. But how amazing is it that I only needed a sample paint size?

Step 3: Attach shelf brackets

After painting, I needed to find my studs again for the shelf brackets. These shelf brackets are easy to use. I simply predrilled holes in the spots where I needed the brackets. Then I took out the drill bit and put the bracket into my drill. Then I screwed it into the wall and then unscrewed it from my drill. I used my long level to make sure all of the supports were at the same height. Then I put a little bit of paint on the ends of the supports and pressed my wood on it. That way I know exactly where I need to drill in my wood. I did a dry fit to make sure it worked!

Step 4: Paint the shelves

After getting all of the holes drilled into my wood, I sanded the shelves and prepped for paint. I ended up doing two coats of primer and two coats of paint. I just used spray paint for my primer ๐Ÿ™‚ After priming, I sanded all the rough spots with 220 grit sandpaper. I put the shelves on but didn’t push them all the way to wall so that I could paint them easier!

Step 5: Attach the shelves and decorate

Once the shelves were dried, I pushed them all the way to the wall and decorated with all things superhero for my boys. I love the way it adds character to their room and they love it too!

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