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Vanity Makeover: Flip Your Girl’s Vanity in Style!

This vanity makeover project was such a fun project! What made it more fun, was that it was a Christmas gift for my daughter. She had no idea I was even making it. I did not have a vanity, so I found one at a thrift store and gave it a facelift.

Vanity Makeover Step 1: Take it apart and clean it!

Everything can be taken apart, you just find the screws and take them out. The key is to keep track of how you took it apart so you can put it back together later. As you take the screws out, put them in a ziplock bag, so you don’t lose any.

Once it is all taken apart, clean everything. I used water and Dawn dish soap and a washcloth.

Step 2: Prime and Paint it

I used Sherwin Williams ProBlock Spray Primer. It is an oil based primer, so it will stick well to the vanity. Spray everything well with one coat. Spray primer may leave a gritty texture. So if you see that, don’t worry. It is natural. Sand it down with 220 grit sand paper then you will be ready to paint it.

I used a foam roller to paint it. Foam rollers are great for smooth surfaces. Once everything is painted and dry, put it all back together.

Step 4: Epoxy Flowers

Using flower and vine silicone molds, I made several batches of epoxy flowers. Epoxy is a 2 part solution. Resin and a hardener. Combine them in a container and constantly mix them for 3-4 minutes, scraping the mixture off the sides of the container as you mix.

Quickly pour your mixture into the silicone mold and then let it rest for 8 hours to harden.

Step 5: Paint the flowers

Begin by priming the flowers. I used the same spray primer that I did for the vanity. I then spray painted the flowers one base color and then hand painted the details on the flowers. It took a while, but they did turn out so cute!

Step 6: Glue them on and complete your vanity makeover.

I glued all the flowers and leaves on the top pf the vanity using Gorilla Glue Super glue. Stacking them to give it dimension.

AND ITS DONE!!! It’s so cute! And I love it! Nora loves it too! Does this vanity makeover motivate you to refinish any furniture?

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