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Accent Wall Makeover: Easy Design for a Dramatic Impact

Accent Wall Final

I have this wall in my kitchen that was begging for some attention. It was gathering clutter, and just felt very neglected. I’ve had this project in mind and decided this was the perfect wall to do it on. This accent wall makeover project is very beginner friendly, but high impact. What I love most about it is its so easy to customize it to fit your needs. I did something very similar here without the wood slats. Here is how I did it.

Accent Wall Makeover Step 1: Thumb tack, string, and pencil.

You will be drawing a half circle for the top of the arch. Begin by taking your thumb tack and place it where you want the center of the half circle to go. Tie your string on the tack, but keep it lose so it twists easily.

Tie your pencil on the other end of the string. Extend the string so it is tight and draw a half circle.

Step 2: Finish the Arch

Now that your half circle is complete, we are going to finish the sides of the arch.  Using a long level, you can make straight, plumb lines. Simply align the level so it is level and use a pencil to trace the line, and continue that down both sides.

Step 3: Paint

Time for the fun part. Choose 2 different colors of paint. One for the arch and another for the space surrounding the arches. I prefer Sherwin Williams brand. I did 2 coats of Evergreen Fog for the arches and 2 coats of Iron Ore for the rest of the wall. This is my absolute favorite paint brush!

Step 4: Wood Slats

Find the perfect wood trim for you. I wanted to use quarter rounds, but ultimately landed on this. Sand them, wood condition them, stain them, and then let them dry!

Step 5: Hang and BAM, Accent Wall Makeover is complete!

Using a finish nailer, nail the slats on the wall. A finish nailer uses smaller nails, this makes it so you do not have to wood fill.

Tip to get the spacing perfect: Use a piece of the same trim between the pieces you are nailing on the wall. Run it up and down between the pieces as you nail them on the wall.

Thats it! Simple, yet high impact. What colors would you choose?

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