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Personalize Your Entryway: DIY Welcome Sign

This is the perfect beginner friendly project! It is so cute, so simple and so fun! This shiplap welcome sign can be put outside or inside. You can make it any shape or size that you want it. The only tools you need is a nail gun, and a miter saw. This is easily a nap time project.

Welcome Sign Step 1: Ship lap backing

First, get your ship lap and cut it to the size you want it. I cut mine in five 30 inch strips. Place the strips upside down and connect them to the shape you want. I then took 3 pieces of scrap wood and nailed them to the back of the ship lap to connect them together.

Sand down the shiplap, and put a fresh coat of paint on it.

Step 2: Make a frame

To make a frame, I took 1×2 and mitered the ends to 45 degree angles. This allows them to connect smoothly. I then stained the wood with a stain and sealer in one. Once it was dry, I nailed the frame directly into the sides of the ship lap with a nail gun.

Step 3: Complete the Welcome Sign

Finally, I purchased THIS Welcome wood cut out. I painted it black and glued it to the front of the sign. And with that the welcome sign was complete. It was such a simple but fun project. You can make it any size, paint it any color, or put any words on it.

I love how my welcome sign turned out! If you make one, I would love to see it! What other words would you put on it? Let me know in the comments.

Welcome Sign

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