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Trash to Treasure: Repurposed Nightstand into DIY Desk

This is a fun and fairly simple furniture repurpose project. I created a desk out of old nightstands. Even if you cannot completely recreate this exact project, I hope this post inspires you to look around at what you have and see how you can repurpose it into something you need! Lets get started on this DIY Desk Build.

Step 1: Layout and measure your DIY Desk

Before we can really get started, we need to decide the size and shape you want your desk to be. I was making my desk a corner, L shaped desk. So I placed the 2 nightstands where I would want them and measured how big I would need the top to be.

Step 2: Cut and assemble your top

Using the measurements you just came up with, you will need to cut your plywood to the correct size. I am making an L shaped desk, and I already had 2 pieces of wood that I was going to use. I had to cut them to be 45 degrees on the ends, so I could connect them into the L shape.

Using my angle finder I found and marked the 45 degree line on the wood. I then put some painters tape on the line, so that when I cut it, it did not splinter. The best trick I have found to get a straight line using a circular saw, is to clamp a long, straight, piece of wood on, and run the edge of the saw along it as you cut. I cut both pieces, and connected them using pocket holes on the bottom.

Step 3: Wood fill, primer and paint the top.

Once the top is assembled you will use wood filler, to fill all seams. When that is dry, prime the wood. After the primer is dry, you will use 220 grit sandpaper and give it a quick sanding to smooth out the bumps. Paint the top with your favorite paint and let it dry as we move onto the drawers.

Step 4: Drawer Fronts

I wanted to make new drawer fronts because I did not like the curved edges on the existing drawers. To remove the existing drawer fronts, you simply unscrew them from the inside. I used the original drawer fronts as a template for the dimensions on the new ones.

I then primed, sanded and painted the drawer fronts before reattached them.

Step 5: Paint everything else

Now its time to pull the desk together by painting the nightstands the same color as the drawer fronts.

Step 6: Hardware to your DIY Desk

I think picking the hardware was the hardest part. So, I picked up several different options, and decided once I got to this point which one I wanted. I went with THESE pulls. When I decided which one I wanted, I used THIS guide to drill holes, then installed the pulls.

DIY Desk

And that is it! Simple and fun! I love that I was able to repurpose the nightstands that would have otherwise been thrown out or donated. What furniture do you have that you could repurpose?

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