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DIY Window Trim

Our builder put a window ledge on all of our windows. They looked okay but I knew they could be better. I’ve started slowly ripping them out and reframing them. Here are some step-by-step instructions on how to do it yourself. I really think adding window trim changes the whole look of the room!

Supplies needed:

Step one

Take the existing ledge off, if you have one. If you don’t have one skip this step 🙂 I used a razorblade knife to score where the caulking was and then used my mallet to get the ledge off. Try to keep it in one piece if you’re able to because it’ll be a pattern for your new ledge!

Step Two

Make all of your cuts. I used a little bit bigger/wider board for my ledge. I used the old ledge as a pattern for the new one so that I knew where to cut it to make it fit. It was perfect! I used a 1×6 board for the ledge, and 1×4 boards for underneath and the sides. For the top, I used a 1×2 ledge, then a 1×6, and then a 1×2 on the top. Here’s an inspiration picture I found of the look that I was going for.

Step Three

Secure all of your boards to the wall. I started with my new ledge first, then underneath it, then the sides, and finally the top. Just use a nail gun to secure it into place 🙂 With the very top 1X2, I found I didn’t have enough room for my nail gun to nail it in place. So I took down the 1X6 and nailed it to that first and then put it all back up.

Step Four

Next, it’s time to caulk and fill all the wood holes. I linked my favorite spackle for filling holes above. It’s super lightweight and you only need a wet wipe to wipe it off, no sanding required! Caulking all those gaps makes so much difference!

Step Five

Time to paint. Pick out your paint of choice and paint everything! I like to brush it on first and then go over everything with a foam roller. It helps it look so smooth.

Step Six

Enjoy that beautiful window! It is simply amazing what a little bit of wood and paint can do. Windows bring so much light and life to a home. When you frame it out, it draws your eye to the light and the effect is amazing. I love it so much! Follow me for more home projects @spetrichhome

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