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Affordable and Easy Home Update Ideas – Part 2

I don’t think you all know how much it makes my heart happy with how much you enjoyed part 1 of this series. If you missed part 1, you can see it below! I promised you another episode and I am back with 3 more easy home update ideas that you can do quickly and without spending a fortune. And one of these is my favorite update idea!

Affordable and Easy Home Update Idea #1 – Paint your doors.

I think this is a reoccurring theme… PAINT! Guys, paint is definitely an easy home update! It is so easy to change, it makes a HUGE impact, and for the size of transformation it can make, paint is really cost effective! Painting your doors, whether it’s interior or exterior doors is so simple and can make a huge impact. In fact, painting your front door can increase your curb appeal, which in turn, can increase your home value. So win-win!

You can get in depth tips and tricks for painting your exterior door HERE!

A couple years ago I painted my front door. Here is a quick recap of that. I absolutely love how it turned out. I sprayed the door, but you can absolutely roll it too! Here is a link to a paint sprayer that is affordable but still great! CLICK HERE!

I have a few tips for painting doors…

  1. The best kinds of paint to use are multi-surface acrylic or a urethane paint. Or if you are unsure ask the paint counter which is best.
  2. Remove or cover the hardware before painting. Removing the handle is not complicated, simply unscrew it and it comes right off. It is worth it to remove the handles to avoid getting paint on them. Also, be sure to cover the hinges with tape.

3. If you are painting an exterior door attached to stucco or stone, duct tape is great instead of painters tape.
4. When rolling instead of spraying, use a foam roller. Foam rollers are best for when painting a smooth surface.
5. You do not need to prime the door first if you use a good quality paint. If you use primer, make sure it is shellac or oil based.
6. If you only paint one side of the door, also paint the side panels that are most visible from the side you are painting. For example if you are painting the exterior side, also paint the hinge side. If you are painting the interior side, also paint the strike edge. See image.

Image Credit: Unknown

Idea #2: Frame your Windows.

Framing your windows is one of my favorite transformations. It makes the window go from boring and blending in, to intentional and standing out. It is my favorite way to add character to a space with minimal effort. There are SO MANY ways you can frame a window, but here is how I have it in my home. Once the window has the trim added, you can take it another step and paint the trim. But check out this before and after of this window! Isn’t it incredible?? I made a whole post about how to frame your window like this. You can check it out HERE!

This is the Nail Gun I use, CLICK HERE. Here is the caulk gun I love, CLICK HERE.

Easy home update window belore

Easy Home Update Idea #3 – Change your Light Fixtures.

Before you say that you are not going to change your light fixtures, here me out! I have changed more lights than I can count. The majority of lights are so simple to change. Occasionally you get the light that has weird quirks about it, but for the most part, they are very straight forward. If not, I have found the manufacture manual is usually super helpful. You can read about how to change a light fixtures in detail HERE. But also, check out these before and afters!

I get asked all the time what lights I have, so here is a list of almost every light I have in my home. CLICK HERE to view the complete list, But also, here are a few of my favorite lights in my home! All the images are clickable!

Ok, that’s it for now! What do you think about these 3 easy and affordable updates? Have you tried any of them? Would you try any? I would love to hear!

Oh and, do you want me to keep going!? Let me know. I have so many more ideas!

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