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Gift Guide for Kids

I compiled a list of different kids gifts for Christmas but really they can be used for any Holiday or Birthday. I love buying my kids things that they will actually play with or that will keep them entertained for a good long time. I tried to put some non toy items on there as well. Enjoy!

Laser Tag!

These look like a blast! My kids are always running around with nerf guns and the bullets end up everywhere. This way, clean up is way easier and they can keep score with the numbered chest pieces.

Melissa & Doug Cookie Baking Set

Is this not the cutest little play food set you’ve ever seen? I love encouraging their imaginations!

Bouncy Animal

These are seriously so much fun. Countless hours of entertainment for kids!

Bath Crayons

This is one of those times when the kids are actually allowed and encouraged to write on the walls…of the bathtub! Kids will love using them during bath time.

Princess Tent

Perfect for a little girl! It looks so magical with those lights. Every little girl’s dream right here!

Lego Duplos

I love these size of legos. They are perfect for toddlers on up. They snap together much better than the big ones and are easier for smaller hands than regular legos. Plus, look how cute the people are!

Water Wow!

Kid entertainment without the mess? That’s a total win in my book! Love to take these on road trips too.

LCD Writing Tablet

We love these tablets. We use them at church, in the car, and at home. They seriously entertain kids so well!

Wiggle Car

These are the perfect outside toy! Kids need to be able to go outside often and exercise their bodies. I love that this is easy enough for even little kids to use!

Kinetic Sand

Definitely a favorite around our house. Kids love the feel of this. It feels like real sand but without the mess. I seriously prefer this over playdough. The cleanup is so easy!

Magna Tiles

My kids will literally play with this for hours. You can never have too many either. More tiles just means more creations! It’s easy to clean up when you just stick them all in a bin!

Paint By Sticker

Doesn’t this just look perfect? It’s like a paint by number without the paint!

Crayola Scribble Scrubbie

These are just the cutest things ever. You use a special marker to color and then rinse it off when done. The animals are darling and it’s a gift that they will use over and over again!

Perler Beads

The creations you can make with these are limitless! It helps kids work on those fine motor skills when they place each bead where it needs to go. This one does require a little bit of adult supervision but kids can do the main part themselves!

Bug Vacuum

If you have kids who love nature and bugs, this toy is sure to be a hit! My boys are always outside catching different types of bugs and they would just love something like this!

I hope you found some good ideas on here. I love the gifts that entertain, encourage imagination, and that don’t take up huge amounts of space. Let me know what gifts you plan on buying for your kids this year!

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