DIY Barn Door

Don’t you just love the look that a barn door adds to a room? I do too. I needed some new barn doors for my kitchen and decided to build them! It completely changed the look of the room. I’ve got it all figured out now so just follow along and you can make one of your own!

Supplies needed:

First: cut, glue, and nail

First you want to cut your sheet of plywood to the size you want. When it’s at the correct size go ahead and lay it on the sawhorse. 1X6 boards are going to be on the top and bottom, the 1X3 boards are going to be on the sides with the fluted trim going in the middle. I used 3/4″ wood trim to go between the fluted trim and the top and bottom boards. I also didn’t end up using the molding around the sides. I just filled it in with some spackle and it looked great!

To start off, make sure to lay your top and bottom pieces on first, along with the 3/4″ wood trim, and then cut your fluted trim to the correct measurement to go in the middle. Using 1″ nails and wood glue attach all of the boards to the plywood.

Next, it’s time to putty!

After you glue and nail all your boards on, you can go ahead and putty all the nail holes with this amazing spackle. I like to put it on and then wipe it off with a wet wipe or water. I also did spackle on the edge of the door as well. I just used my favorite finger sander to sand it smooth.

Time to prime!

When all the holes are filled, you can go ahead and prime the door. After the primer dries, don’t forget to prime the other side. This door is heavy and big so it’s hard to flip it over alone. Grab a friend or partner to help you flip the door over.


After priming, it is time to paint. This is the part where it starts looking so good!! You will have to paint one side, grab a friend to help you flip it, and paint the other side.

Add your hardware

When the door is painted and has dried, you can attach a handle to it. I linked the handle that I used but you can use any style and size handle that you would like. After the handle is on, it’s time to attach your barn door hardware and hang it up. I took the existing barn door hardware off of my other door and just used that but I did link some hardware in the supplies needed section. There’s so many different styles and sizes, you can find one that works for you.

All done!

I love the way it transforms the room. It looks so good with the rest of my kitchen! I am so glad that I decided to redo these barn doors. My husband even approved of the change! If you want to watch all of the highlights of this project, you can click on my highlight button on @spetrichhome

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