Boys Room Storage for Superhero Costumes

I needed a simple but cute way to store my boy’s superhero capes and masks, but easy enough for them to put away when it was time to clean up. So I went to the craft store and got a pre-made sign (similar one linked here) and some wooden letters to make a sign that said “Every Brother is a Superhero”

I used wood glue to glue the letters on, and I also painted some of them a different color with acrylic paint, also from the craft store.

After I made the sign, I took everything down that was on the wall, patch and painted holes, and hung the new picture.

Then, I hung Baskets under the sign to hold their costumes. Similar linked here.

Costume storage that is easy for cleanup is essential at our house! We have loved having this space to store their superhero costumes away. Pretty AND functional!


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