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The Princess Castle Unveils its Spectacular New Look

Have you seen the darling princess castle I built a few years ago for my girls? You can read about it HERE and HERE. This castle is truly one of my girls favorite spots in the house. If I can’t find them, they are usually in here playing! They absolutely LOVE it. It makes me happy that even after all these years, they still love it! Well, it was time to do a few updates to it! Some things were no longer working for us, and some things just felt unfinished. This was a fun, quick project. Let’s get started!

Links to everything used in the
Princess Castle Update are listed below!

Both the photo and title below the image are clickable and will take you directly to the item on Amazon to purchase!

Flower Wall Hooks
similar hooks

Top Rug
similar rug

Book Basket
similar basket

I made the ladder. Click HERE and go to step 6 to see how I did it using these these pieces.

I made this sign, here are similar supplies I used. The heart sign is no longer available.
Heart sign
Bead string

Ship Lap:

If you remember, we added ship lap to the wall on the top, but did not add any to the bottom. I felt like it needed it so the top and bottom matched better. So, the first thing I did was remove everything from the bottom. I then installed the same ship lap to the bottom that I had on the top.

A couple reminders about installing ship lap.

  1. If you will be painting it a different color, paint the top and bottom as you go. It is so much easier to get it as you go, than it is to do it once it is installed and you have to get in all the cracks.
  2. Stagger the planks so the seams do not all line up. It just makes it look better.
  3. Put a nail in the little lip, it gets covered by the next row and that is half as many nails you have to fill!

I then filled all the nail holes, caulked the corners, and painted the wall.

Close the hole and remove the ladder on the wall:

The girls don’t really need 2 ladders to get to the top level, and they don’t really use the one inside anyway. So I removed it! I took the ladder off the wall, filled the holes and re-painted the wall.

To close the hole, I took a few 2×4’s and screwed them to the sides of the opening. I then put some plywood over it and secured it with my nail gun. I then wood filled and caulked it. Once it was dry I painted it and it looked like the hole never even existed!

Redecorated the New Princess Castle!

I used all the items listed above and I added them all to the space to give it a fresh new look.

A little note for you – This project could have easily been a one day project, but life got busy and I had to do it in all the little pockets of time during my days. It would have been easy to put it off and wait to do it until I had a full day to commit. However, doing projects is more than just the reveal. It’s my happy time. Its my me time. Its the time for me to fill my cup. We have to remember that even when life is hectic, your happiness is still important. So even if you don’t have a full day to commit to your self care, find the time. Even if its a little here and there. Something is better than nothing at all!

If you try to create your own princess castle, I would love to see what you did! Share it in the comments! ALSO, if you are not already, follow me over on Instagram so you can keep up to date all on the projects!

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