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DIY Grid Wall

I love the way accent walls look. It’s one of those DIY projects that completely change the look of the room. I did this grid wall in my bedroom and I still love it today. Here are the easy to follow steps so you can make your own!

Supplies needed:

Step 1-Paint your wall

The first step is to paint your entire wall. You don’t have to spray your wall, you can use a roller, but spraying does give it a nice finish.

Step 2- Paint your boards

I know it might seem weird to paint your boards before you put them up but just trust me. It really is easier. Plus, it was so easy to paint these outside. It was a lot less prep work! I did use thumbtacks under each board so that it holds it up slightly for the sides to get painted.

Step 3- Frame in the wall

I always start by framing in the wall. I use boards to go the whole border of the wall. It gives it a nice, clean, and symmetrical look.

Step 4- Get all your measurements

The question I got the most when I did this was, “How do you evenly space your boards?” I have a simple way to figure it all out!

Width of the Wall – Width of boards (mine was 3.5″) x the number of boards you want on the wall.

Here’s a video that explains it 🙂

Also, here is a video that explains how to figure out angles with an angle finder!

Step 5- Attach all your boards

Now that you have all of your measurements, you can cut and attach the boards to the wall. I know that some people choose to use liquid nails. I did not do that. I just angle my nails up and down so that the nails stick in the sheetrock better. It hasn’t ever been a problem for me. I do use a large level to make sure the board is straight.

Step 6- Finishing touches

Time to fill all those nail holes and caulk. I always use wood filler when filling wood on wood and caulk when I fill gaps wood on wall. I only caulked around the border of the wall this time but I have caulked every spot before. I just didn’t feel it was necessary this time. You will need to sand down the wood filler before you can touch up the paint.

That’s it! I really love the way it makes this room look. It’s a simple design but looks incredible as an accent wall. I hope you found these instructions and videos helpful. Follow me on Instagram for more home projects @spetrichhome

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