DIY Concrete Pendant Lights

Once upon a time, I saw some concrete pendant lights online and I fell in love with them! then shortly found out they were way too expensive for my taste, so I decided to DIY them!

I went to Ikea and got 2 Melodi pendant lamps for $9.99 each. 

pendants linked here

I sprayed the pendants with a bonding primer, making sure to cover the surface fully. Bonding primer linked here

Then using a paddle attachment for my drill and a 5 gallon bucket, I mixed feather finish with water. Making sure not to make the mixture too thick. Feather finish linked here:

Paddle attachment linked here:

Using gloves, I spread the feather finish onto the primed pendants.

When the pendant had enough time to dry overnight, I sanded them with 220 grit sandpaper. Sandpaper linked here: The color of the feather finish after drying was too brown for me, so I added a bit of black paint to the mixture and repeated a second coat. 

After the pendants were dry, I sanded them down with 220 grit sandpaper.

I also spray painted the inside of the pendants gray to match.

Then I installed them over the island in our kitchen and they look like real concrete!


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