DIY Modern Outdoor Bench

I live by the saying that if you can’t find it or buy it, then make it! This bench plan was adapted from an Ana White plan and I absolutely love it. It’s easy, modern, and perfect for my patio. I’ve created some easy step by step instructions so you can make your own too!


Step 1- Cut your wood pieces

The first step is to cut all of those wood pieces. I used a mixture of 2x4s and 1x4s for this project. The first time I did this project, I ended up making the bench too high. So I had to take it apart and redo it. Basically you will cut 5- 2×4 pieces whatever length you want the bench to be. I did mine at approximately 48″. Then you will cut 8-1×4 pieces whatever height you want the bench to be. Mine was about 16 3/4″ tall. Then you will need 4-2x4s that you will line up against your first and last 2x4s to form an L. The total length of this one will be the height of your bench subtract the width of the 2×4 (so 16 3/4″ – 3 1/2″ = 13 1/4″) . You will end up layering them on top of each other to form the bench. This video shows it in detail.

Step 2- Paint

You can decide if you want to paint the pieces now or later but when you assemble the bench, there won’t be a lot of space in between the gaps to get the spray paint. So I recommend painting beforehand and then just touching up if you need to after. I just used black spray paint on this because it was going under my covered patio. If you know it’s going to be out in the weather though I definitely recommend getting some type of sealer on it.

Step 3- Assemble the bench

It’s finally time to assemble the bench. The video below shows in better detail how the layering process works. Basically lay one 2×4 down and then the smaller 2×4 to make the beginning of your bench. Then you will layer a 1×4 board on top of that. Continue on laying 1-2×4 and then 1-1×4 and screw them into each other until you reach the end.

I did also add some smaller pieces of 1x4s to the legs of my bench to give it more support. I just used wood glue to attach them to the legs.

Step 4- Finishing touches

If you decided to wait to paint, now is the time to paint it. If your painting is complete, then it’s time for finishing touches. Touch up any paint that you need to, place it in the spot you want it, and add some cute pillows!

This is a really fun and easy project to do. It adds more seating to your patio without too much effort. I’d love to see your finished projects if you end up making one of your own! Follow me for more DIY home projects @spetrichhome

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